Thursday, May 6, 2021
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25416 C R 6, Suite 102 Elkhart, IN, USA - 46514


Ashok Sanghavi, CFP, CPA, CLU, ChFC

Ashok Sanghavi started Global Financial Group.
We are assisting our clients in creating PEACE OF MIND by protecting and preserving their financial assets since 1988.
We focus on Tax Planning, Retirement Planning, Estate Planning and Assets Protection Planning for Physicians, Business Owners and Financial Professionals.
We serve a segment population which is entering retirement age and getting ready for a huge wealth transfer to the next generation.
At Global Financial Group** we strive to:
Create peace of mind for clients
Leverage strategic concepts to create and accumulate large wealth
Preserve & protect your financial assets
Stay on course with periodic reviews
Protection of investments from declining in value
Tax Planning & Tax Savings
Maximizing current income from investments
Assets Protection Planning
Estate Planning

We are providers of Leveraged Planning   – an innovative suite of programs designed to reduce risk and increase tax efficiency and selectivity in the financial portfolio of the business owner or physician. Most importantly to our clients, No Leveraged Planning   program lost money during the ongoing market downturn.

Leveraged Planning   provides these individuals with a unique combination of:

Risk Protection: Leveraged Planning   programs shield the participant from downside loss in the markets.

Selectivity: Leveraged Planning   programs enable participants to be selective regarding participants.

Tax Efficiency: Leveraged Planning   programs are tax efficient in their treatment of gains and they provide for possible tax deductibility of contributions.

Cost Effective:  Leveraged Planning   programs make the very efficient use of funds placed into them by utilizing a powerful combination of leverage and compounding.

We are committed to providing our clients with access to reliable, efficient and robust financial products for use in the structuring of a sound portfolio.  These programs are funded and backed by some of the strongest and most well funded financial firms in the world. How will you fund your future?