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Dr. Rashmi Patel (MD, FAAP) PHYSICIAN

2380 South Elmhurst Road Mount Prospect, Illinois, United States - 60056
(847) 228-5557
Mon-Fri : 9 AM - 5 PM ~ Saturday: 9 AM - 2 PM ~ Other times by appointment available

Emery Medical Center – Dr. Rashmi Patel, (MD, FAAP) 


Emery Medical Center is a well-established, independent primary care and occupational medical center that provides medical care in Mount Prospect.  In fact, our medical center is a pioneer in occupational health and established the very first occupational health clinic in the northwest suburbs over 30 years ago.  We have now evolved to provide a wide array of medical services.

Our primary care services allow for a wide range of medical services, flexible scheduling, and walk-in services. With on-site labs, x-rays, and a pharmacy we are a one-stop-shop center for medical care.

Emery Medical Center is a leader in offering medical care that is prompt, personal, and available when you need it. We decided this is what medical clinic care should be, the way you want it to be. Emery Medical Center fills the need for local medical care, all forms of family medicine, and occupational medicine. We offer medical care that’s prompt, but also personal. It’s medical care the way it should be, the way you want it to be.

Emery Medical Center also has extensive experience in providing occupational medicine in order to keep a company’s workforce healthy and productive.

High Quality – There’s never a reason to compromise when it comes to your medical care. Emery Medical Center utilizes highly trained staff and the latest medical technology to treat your medical conditions.

Quick In, Quick Out – Our medical procedures ensure that you receive prompt medical attention.  We are equipped with on-site labs and X-rays so you don’t spend unnecessary time waiting or going off-site.

Care and Concern – Making you feel good is what Emery Medical Center is about. In addition to providing the high quality, cost effective medical care, it’s important that our patients are treated with courteous attention and concern.  Should you ever need the expertise of a medical specialist, we can arrange the appointment and assist with medical records, test results and X-rays.

Open When You Need Us – Emery Medical Center has extended hours so that you can come in before or after work or school.

Commitment to Safety – To ensure that quality care is provided to all Emery Medical Center patients, we are committed to a safe environment for patients, staff, and the communities we serve.

Affordable – Emery Medical Center accepts most forms of insurance.  For patients that are self-pay, Emery Medical Center offers a clear, affordable way to manage health care costs for you and your family.

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