When real life goes reel

By Yogesh Pawar  There is a growing trend of lives of interesting people being translated on to the big screen and winning critical acclaim. What’s common between Tom Hanks’ titular portrayal of Captain Phillip Richards, of the Maersk Alabama hijacked by Somali pirates, Julia Roberts in and as Eric Brokovich, Charlize

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Actors who lost their career after playing gay

He may brag and boast about being a progressive nation with a cool regard for alternate sexuality. However, the reality is otherwise. As actors, who played a gay character at the start of their career found out. Here’s listing newbie, who faded away after playing a homosexual character at the

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A Reel Gap

Most of us can still recall the 2001 film, A Beautiful Mind. The scene where John Nash argues about how to woo girls in a bar using game theory is still vivid in my memory. The film gave us a glimpse into Nash’s brilliant mind as well as his dysfunctional

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