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Actors who lost their career after playing gay BOLLYWOOD

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He may brag and boast about being a progressive nation with a cool regard for alternate sexuality. However, the reality is otherwise. As actors, who played a gay character at the start of their career found out. Here’s listing newbie, who faded away after playing a homosexual character at the start of their career.
Saqib Saleem: His career was off to a flying start in Bombay Talkies when he got the plum role of a gay character who seduces Randeep Hooda away from his wife Rani Mukherjee. Not even Karan Johar direction could save Saqib’s career from doom …not after Saqib smooched Randeep. Randeep got away with it, as he already had a body of work. But Saqib was wiped away. Incidentally Saqib’s sister Huma played gay with Madhuri Dixit in Dedh Ishqiya. She isn’t exactly flooded with offers.
Arjun Mathur: Brilliant actor, played gay in two short films in the beginning of his career directed by Farhan Akhtar and Zoya Akhtar. Producers and filmmakers believed Arjun was actually gay and shied away from casting him.
Rahul Bose: Played a victim of gay rape in the underground film Bomgays and played a gay man in Onir’s I Am. He is still looking for mass acceptance through mainstream cinema in spite of his unquestionable talent.
Sanjay Suri/ Purab Kohli: Sensitive and a very skilled actor Sanjay Suri played a HIV-positive gay character in Onir’s My Brother Nikhil. Sanjay’s career never survived the shock; likewise Purab Kohli, who played Suri’s gay partner in My Brother Nikhil. Purab’s career never took off.
Samir Soni: Super-talented Samir Soni was launched as a leading man opposite Madhuri Dixit by Raj Kumar Santoshi in Lajja. Samir later played a gay dress designer in a marriage of convenience with Mugdha Godse in Madhur Bhandarkar’s Fashion. That was the end of Samir’s career in movies.